Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Channa Masala

Hi guys! I got distracted yesterday with my nail mail! The picture below was my lunch for the lest 2 days. I bought a 4-pack of TastyBite Channa Masala from Costco and split one bag into 2 lunches. I added 1 cup of cooked rice to each and it was delicious. It's a great alternative to home cooked Indian.

Last night I was working on a new nail post for tomorrow. I got some amazing polishes in the mail and I just couldn't NOT try them out.

Anyway, I'm going to have some more nail mail soon, more reviews soon, and lots more nail art. Until next time...

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Laundry

Who likes to bake? Sorry for no post yesterday. I honestly forgot, but here is rundown:
  • Woke up at 10
  • Played around on the computer
  • Went to eye doctor
  • Came home
  • Recorded a nail video/edited video/wrote nail post for Monday

Here is what has been accomplished today. I made cookies! I love chocolate chip cookies and these are SO easy to do...well, easy with my trust cornflower blue KitchenAid mixer!

Listening to Backstreet Boys while baking is calming....except when you have your husband yelling at you to stop singing off key. Whatever, haha! I redid my iPod to make sure I had all the current albums in a playlist in order. Come on August 26!

I haven't started my laundry yet...lame right? I better go do it. Did you have a good weekend? Let me know what you did!

We were thinking about the beach today but then it started raining so.....

Until next time!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Mint Manis for Talia Joy

Hi guys! If you're reading this post then you probably already know why this post even exists. Nail Polish Wars helped put together this mani event to honor Talia Joy who passed away Tuesday morning. She lost her battle to cancer but she lived every day being positive and teaching people all about makeup.

So, the nail polish world and fan of Talia have come together to show our love for Talia. We are each sporting a mint mani since her last Instagram pic was of a mint manicure.

Here are all of the mint colored polishes I own. I used every single one in my manicure for today.

China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint | Sinful Colors Open Seas
Essie Absolutely Shore | Sally Hansen Gentle Blossom
etoile Fizzy Cucumber | JulieG Gelato in Venice | Julep Shenae

Mint Manis for Talia Joy

I wanted to keep it as simple as possible so it would come off as delicate and subtle. I added just a little bit of sparkle to it with scattered pieces of Essie Set in Stones. I hope you enjoy these.

If you want to join in today's event, post a picture of your mani to my Facebook page and use the hashtags #mintmanisfortaliajoy and #taliaslegacy. I will share them throughout the day.

Mint Manis for Talia Joy

Mint Manis for Talia Joy

Mint Manis for Talia Joy

Quickly, here are all the polishes once again.

Mint Manis for Talia Joy

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hello Kitty & Mint Polish

Hey guys! Quick post today--I'm so sleepy so it's going to be short and sweet! Look what came in the mail today! My Hello Kitty cell phone case for my Galaxy S3. Isn't it just so darn cute?!

Tonight I also worked on my Mint Mani for Talia Joy. Below are the polishes used. Tomorrow's post is going to be the same as the one for my nail blog so you can read up on this in the morning.

I hope you all had a great Thursday and I hope you have a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's the Cheesiest!

What's better than a big bowl of blue box mac and cheese after a long day of work? Okay, some of you would argue that this stuff sucks, but hey, it's quick, easy, and darn good in a jiffy!

Not only was my dinner cheesy, but my coworkers and I had a pretty cheesy moment at work today. We're called the Think Tank, the Vent Tent, and...well, no other names yet but we're working on it.

This came up today:

In other news, YAY for being uber busy on my nail blog! So many things gonna be happening! Until next time...

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hello Tuesday!

Hi guys! Today is a post about my dog. He's an older dog [we think 13 years] and every once in a while, he gets these pains [so we think] in the hip/stomach area. He pants, paces, and painfully stretches and ther eis nothing we can do. We give him "thunderstorm" meds to kinda knock him out so he can sleep. Last night we let him wander the house while we slept and this is how we found him this morning.

I wish he could talk so that we knew exactly what was wrong with him. Vet says nothing specific is wrong but that he is getting old and maybe it's his joints.

In other news, I'm going to get to swatch the Fall Pixies from Zoya tonight and hopefully I will get the other polishes soon! I also scored some press samples from butter LONDON, yay!

Til next time...

Monday, July 15, 2013

Just Another Monday

Hi guys! I hope you had a great Monday. Not much happened so I'll just leave you with a picture of my breakfast.

Okay, I'll give you a little more. Today I got my monthly bonus stats for my job Turns out, my hard work the past month has paid off! I earned $100 MORE than last month and all of my stats increased! I'm so thrilled that what I'm doing is actually working to my benefit. Hopefully it will be like that or better for next month!

In other news, I'll be getting my Zoya Fall 2013 Pixies in the mail tomorrow and I'll have those up by the end of the week.

How was your Monday> I honestly wanted to stay in bed this morning, haha. We have a super comfortable king size. Til tomorrow!~